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How to address the more complex world of 5G and beyond

With more signals and channels in telecom towers, 5G catapults us into a far more complex world of frequencies . At the same time, 5G demands more tower-top equipment, including antennas, interference filters and amplifiers.

As a result, mobile operators and infrastructure providers like you are challenged to find innovative ways of optimizing network performance and cost efficiency. We empower you to do this by staying on top of the latest challenges in antenna system performance and setting a new standard of excellence.


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Don’t compromise on network performance or tower-top space – learn how to stay on top of interference filtering, PIM performance, uplink coverage, tower loading costs and other key considerations for implementing 5G in your market.

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The story of Kaelus – three pieces to complete the antenna system puzzle

Antenna technology, RF conditioning and PIM test & measurement capabilities are key pieces of the antenna system puzzle. Three businesses have joined forces to meet the increasing demands of 5G and beyond. This is how next-gen antenna system solutions were born under the Kaelus brand name.

Watch the video to hear the CEO and CTO tell the story of Kaelus.

Product offerings for complete antenna solutions

Antenna solutions

Unique antennas for BTS Macro and Small Cell applications, mMIMO Antenna panels and customized integrated solutions.

RF conditioning

Antenna line devices such as multi-band combiners, TMAs, interference mitigation filters, same band combiners, diplexers and accessories with top-class PIM performance.

PIM test & measurement

Cable and antenna analyzers along with portable and bench PIM testing equipment for design, manufacturing and RF wireless applications.


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